This costume comes with a long black robe & chest and spine pieces along with belt with skull & bone accessories. Mask has blinking lights that have a power box. Also has teeth that glows in the dark. The jaw of the mask has motion feature allowing the jaw to open and close along with your jaw for animation. Costume also comes with claw shoe covers that fit over about any shoe type as well as gloves with attached claws for the hands.
Demon Lord Costume
This costume consists of chest & back piece, shoulder pieces, 2 gauntlets, 2 gloves, belt piece, 2 thigh armor pieces, 2 calf pieces, 2 monster shoes (fits up to size 13) plus brute mask/helmet. Accesories include life size Fuel Rod Gun. Armor made out of fiberglass resin.
Halo Brute War Cheiften Costume
Saw Blade Sword Prop
Saw Blade Sword Prop is about 4 foot 2 in long & weighs about 3 lbs. with a gold metallic finish on the blade & serrated edges.